Silicon carbide silicon carbide ceramic lining for cyclone separator

Material Specification:ParameterUnit  Working temperatureºC/°F1380ºC(2520°F)Densityg/m33.00Porosity%<0.1Flexural strengthMpaMpa250 (20ºC)280 (1200ºC)Modulus of elasticityGPaGPa330 (20ºC)300 (1200ºC)Thermal conductionW/m.k45 (1200ºC)Thermal expansion1×10-6/K4.5Mohs\' h

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Material Specification:
Working temperatureºC/°F1380ºC(2520°F)
Flexural strengthMpa
250 (20ºC)
280 (1200ºC)
Modulus of elasticityGPa
330 (20ºC)
300 (1200ºC)
Thermal conductionW/m.k45 (1200ºC)
Thermal expansion1×10-6/K4.5
Mohs' hardness 13

Silicon Carbide Sic Ceramic Liner for Cyclone

Silicon Carbide Shaped Liner:
Slip-casting silicon carbide (RB SiC) liner is used in situations which require higher strength, heat durability or pressure durability. If much abrasions are existed (such as sand particles), RB SiC will perform better than metals.

Sizes available: 
Max. Outside Diameter 500 mm (20")
Wall Thickness 8-18mm (0.3"-0.7")
Max. Height 500mm (20")

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