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Tunnel sand pump and spare parts

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One of our European partners ordered some 12x10G-GH and 8x6E-G sand pump impellers GGH10137A05, EG86137A05. They are ready to play their part to make the pump work better. Tobee® provides G/GH tunnel sand pump spare parts, from 6/4D-G, 6/4E-G, 8/6E-G, 10/8S-G, 10/8S-GH, 10/8F-G, 12 / 10F-G, 12/10G-G, 12/10G-GH, 14/12G-G, 14/12T-G, 16/14G-G, 16/14T-G, 16/14TU-GH, 18/16TU- G. G/GH gravel pump wear parts include: impeller 137, door 013, adapter plate 032, rear liner 041, bowl 131, bearing assembly 005. Tobee G/GH gravel pump parts are made of high chromium alloy A05 (Cr27). When pumping abrasive slurry, you will find that the wet end parts of wear-resistant materials are so important. The 12/10G-GH tunnel dredging pump and the 8/6E-G sand booster pump are designed for continuous pumping of highly abrasive mud containing large particles that other slurry pumps cannot handle. The large passage in the casing makes it gravel The best choice for dredging and other applications that need to deal with large particles, especially large flow, high concentration, and high lift media. You can send an email to to order tunnel pumps and spare parts!

Hydroman™ electric submersible dredging pump with control box

Hydroman™ electric submersible dredging pump with control box is widely used in industry to pump sand, mud, gravel, and sludge materials from tanks or rivers. The Hydroman dredging pump is placed below the liquid level, so it is called a submersible electric pump. Due to the precise design of the Hydroman, the Hydroman pump can completely clean the storage tank and remove all slurries, waste water, etc. In addition, users can ensure the best performance as a submersible...

Hydroman™ Electric Submersible Mixing Pump

Email: Website: Hydroman™ submersible mixing sand pump is an ideal pumping equipment for processing sand, sludge, mud and other high-density water mixed solids. TSQ submersible mixing sand pump is mainly composed of three parts: pump body, motor and sealing device. Submersible slurry pumps are widely used in the fields of metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, coal, electric power, building materials, municipal environmental protection and river dredging. exist...

200SV-SP petroleum storage engineering vertical cantilever pump

Email: Website: | | | Tobee® 200SV-SP vertical slurry pump x 3 and 6 Slurry pump spare parts are shipped to oil storage facilities in Africa. These 200SV-SP vertical sewage slurry pumps are equipped with a 45kw explosion-proof motor for wastewater and sludge. They operate at a speed of 400m3/h, have a head of 16m, and a longer submersion depth of 2.6m. Tobee vertical cantilever sewage pump is the best combination...

Hydroman™ excavator-mounted hydraulic dredging pump

Hydroman™ excavator-mounted dredging pumps are specifically designed for the dredging and mining industries. If the customer intends to install a hydraulically driven dredging pump on an excavator, Hydroman can provide tailor-made solutions regardless of the brand or size of the hydraulic excavator. The full range of hydraulic excavator-mounted dredging pumps are suitable for sand recovery, mining, quarrying, waste pollution control, mud pumping, tunnel excavation, bentonite pumping, lake and channel dredging projects. pass through...

Hydroman® Electric Submersible Mixing Pump

Email: Website: The Hydroman™ submersible sand pump is a world-standard submersible stirring pump, capable of transporting up to 70% of solids. The pump is designed for dredging and has won the "solid -The treatment is known for its reliability and durability in the most demanding applications in the world. The wear-resistant parts are made of high chromium alloys and are widely used for pumping sand, sludge, gravel, stones, mud, ore slurry, and coal slurry. , Sand and gravel solid particles...

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