Sustainable Slurry Pump Solutions-International Mining

2021-11-24 03:14:20 By : Ms. Emily Yang

Few industries are as strict on pumps as the mining industry. The challenge is multifaceted and complex: corrosive mud and changing conditions and materials can cause rapid wear of mining pumps. Unexpected interruptions may cause the entire production process to stop, leading to high costs. Therefore, mining applications require extremely reliable and professional heavy-duty slurry pumps to reduce downtime, lower total cost of ownership and increase efficiency.

The GIW® slurry pump provided by KSB can handle even the most extreme conditions.

In this interview, Jonathan Samuel, President and CEO of GIW Industries and Vice President of Global Hard Rock Mining at KSB Mining, filmed at MINExpo 2021 in Las Vegas in September to discuss how the wear-resistant and durable GIW® slurry pump is combined Use extensive application knowledge to ensure that the mining company's systems work more efficiently.

Extensive research and development has made KSB an expert in hydraulic design, mechanical design, wear technology and material technology-enabling the company to provide customers with the best and most reliable products to meet their mud transportation needs.

The company's experts have more than 126 years of experience in heavy-duty centrifugal slurry pumps and hydraulic systems. As a full-service supplier, KSB is not limited to manufacturing pumps; it provides everything from product design to testing, application engineering, spare parts and services. In addition, customers will benefit from extensive on-site support: from supervision of commissioning and start-up to equipment monitoring, pump maintenance and turnkey repairs. Its customer center is within easy reach, and KSB provides on-site customized maintenance strategies and technical services.

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